Reduce innovation costs & Innovate safely

The terms “nanotechnologies” or “nanomaterials” cover all the studies, techniques and processes that work in the infinitely small, since the nanoscale covers dimensions 10,000 times smaller than those of the diameter of a hair (10- 9m).

Nanotechnologies cover a whole chain of committed producers and users benefiting from innovation. Chemistry companies intervene in the world of nanotechnologies as producers or users of nanomaterials, substances for which the nanoscale gives them specific properties, which may be different from those of higher-dimensional substances.

Nanotechnology is one of the most innovative areas of development today. They contribute to the development of applications that address the societal, health, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.

This industry is distinguished from the semiconductor industry because the nanomaterials here are not encapsulated and can be released into the wild, inhaled …. It raises the question of control of the life cycle and potential health risks. As with development and production, risk management goes through key stages of characterization that generate large volumes of complex data to analyze.

POLLEN offers software solutions of “data science” to reduce these costs of development and production but also contribute to the mastery of the life cycle of these materials and thus preserve the environment and public health in the face of international regulations that into place.