PLATYPUS™ allows any industrial an intelligent digitalization of analysis of its data and its decision chain during the development of new materials. PLATYPUS™ technology comes in 3 versions (Smart, Yield et SDK)

Platypus Smart™

Speed up the development of your manufacturing processes. A unique software platform that centralizes, analyzes and couples any type of data from any characterization device. The integration of artificial intelligence makes it possible to capitalize all the knowledge of your experts in materials and characterization to accelerate the control of your manufacturing processes. Platypus™ Smart accompanies you from TRL 1 to TRL5 for the automatic analysis of your data.

Platypus Yield™

Boost the yields of your manufacturing processes. An extension of Platypus™ Smart that allows you to integrate your material designs as well as your process parameters. Integrating with enhanced artificial intelligence tools, Platypus™ Yield will enable your experts to optimize process parameters and detect potential manufacturing defects in advance. Platypus™ Yield supports you from TRL 5 to TRL9 to predict the performance of your processes and increase your yields.

Platypus SDK™

Create your own process control software. We provide your data scientists teams with the basic components of PLATYPUS™ technology (artificial intelligence, data fusion, metrological metamodel…) to enable you to build your own process control software. You benefit from a complete infrastructure of disruptive technology on which you can connect your own developments in data analysis to optimize your value chain.

Our Platypus Smart ™ product in video

Artificial Intelligence

Data fusion



Reduction of R&D cycle time


Sustainable development

Our PLATYPUS™ technology

Add to your value chain an intelligent overlay of data science that integrates between your characterization equipment and your teams of experts. PLATYPUS™ technology eliminates manual repetitive measurement operations and allows for example to create image processing algorithms in a few clicks without writing a single line of code and without being an expert in applied mathematics.

This simplification of data analysis allows an acceleration of the complex data understanding through the integration of intelligence artificial and data fusion.

Products and added values

This revolutionary technology accelerates the development of a new materials because it adapts to the level of maturity of your process (TRL scale: Technology Readiness Level).

At each level TRL corresponds formats, qualities, variability of data that will be different and associated with different equipment of characterization and evolution of expert knowledge. As the process matures, process control will be have to track the slightest defect to optimize yields.